I joined Kingdom Academy because attending Bible School was in the list of life skills I had drafted in university. My intention was to know the Bible the same way lawyers understand the law of the country, so I could use it to argue my way through life situations.

My expectation was that Kingdom Academy would develop my mind in understanding God's Word better. Kingdom Academy didn't simply just do that for me; it changed me. During the course on New Creation Realities, I understood what being a new species meant and I saw the illusion the world lives in, chasing the wind.

My satisfaction in life is not in food, clothes or titles; I feed on a different menu from the world because I am a different organism. I am like a UFO sent from heaven with a specific mission on earth. My mission is to bring especially children to an understanding of this new reality in Christ so they can accomplish the only reason why they were sent on earth.

The School imparted to me the grace to apply the word of God. My walk and fellowship with God has been changed for the better. I am now able to fulfill my God ordained calling. It is no longer just a divine assignment locked up in the spiritual realm, but a reality in my life. I now understand that my priestly ministry (my daily walk with God) is what determines the impact my calling in business will have in the natural world.

The school helped me to understand that my call has to be in line with the ‘Business of Re' meaning that it should reconcile the world back to God. It was as a result of doing my P.M.P. (Practical Ministry Project) that God revealed to me my wife (a graduate of the Kingdom Academy) who is my partner in fulfilling the call that God has given to me.

What impacted me the most in the curriculum is that; I must be kingdom minded in order to do the ‘business of re'.

I am applying that knowledge today by constantly dwelling in the presence of God and applying the Kingdom principles I was taught in the school.

Nowella Musolo is a graduate of the Kingdom Academy class of 2003. She is an Events & Exhibitions Manager.
Robert Odiwour is a graduate of the Kingdom Academy class of 2004. He is a marketer and administrator in the Airline Industry.
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