I am forever grateful to God for ordering my steps to the Kingdom Academy. It was a place of learning in every sense of the word. I am able to apply what I caught in every facet of my life be it at my place of work, at home or the place of serving in the church. I had a paradigm shift in the way I perceive ministry and I have come to understand more clearly about God's calling upon my life; that God has called me to be a minister of reconciliation in my area of calling for the establishment of the Kingdom of God; that there is need for me to be trained and equipped; and that He will back me as long as I walk in obedience to Him.

The whole curriculum of the school acted as a “threshing floor” or a “winepress” that prepared me to be a vessel more fit for the Master's use. I was impacted daily as I interacted with the lecturers and I came to understand the place of spiritual authority in my life. The P.M.P (Practical Ministry Project) was a unique experience. I have come to appreciate the importance of having a strong priestly ministry (walk with God); that there is need to consult with God and run only with the vision that is born of him.

Simply said, Going through Kingdom Academy is a life changing experience.



Prior to attending the school I thought that God could just use me because I asked Him to. However, going through the school exposed me to another dimension concerning Him; God was more than willing to use me, and to do so more effectively. Knowing Him and His Ways is imperative if I am to be more accurate and effective in my call. This obviously requires for me to take the responsibility of seeking to know Him more.

I have to delve into God to make my calling and election sure. The school also helped me discover that there are two sides to my call: priestly ministry (i.e my walk with God) and kingly ministry (my work for God), and that the strength to perform as a king depended on the strength of my priesthood. With that background every approach to my call must stem first from the spirit man before it is addressed by the kingly man.

In a nut shell, the school gave me a good platform for knowledge and understanding about the principles I need to set in place to ensure that I am successful both in my call and in life. These vital lessons I learned, must work towards the purpose of establishing the Kingdom of God in the earth.


Joyce Nduati is a graduate of the Kingdom Academy class of 2005. She is a pharmacist.
Gideon Kimanzi is a graduate of the Kingdom Academy class of 2003. He is a music producer.
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