I thank the Almighty God for giving me a chance to go back to class at age 54. I was the oldest student in the 2006 class. Most of my classmates were the ages of my children. It was challenging, but I enjoyed it.

The school has had a great spiritual impact on me. I now live a lifestyle that tells those who come in contact with me that I am God's ambassador or representative. Manifestation of some gifts of the Holy Ghost is more evident now than before.

My call is to reach families through the "Woman" of the family. This is to be done through training of women in spiritual living and development of individual gifts and talents. I will set up an NGO to train women in farming, tailoring, cookery, counseling, typing, pottery, etc. I will start with women believers first. Once a woman is impacted, her husband, children, friends, etc. will benefit.

I thank God for this opportunity and I pray that He continues to use the Kingdom Academy community to empower and bless many people, like they have blessed me.


I attended the Kingdom Academy in 2006. It was at a time when I had known that I had a calling into the ICT sector but did not have clear direction on how to respond to that calling. Coming to the school helped to clear my eyes to the call. It also equipped me with sufficient skills to help advance strategically and pursue the fulfillment of the call.

It would be important to mention that all the lessons learnt were necessary. Some of it was immediately relevant, but the application has become more over time. I look back with gratitude on some teachings such as "the path of righteousness", "your priestly ministry" among others. They have helped shape my everyday approach to my work.

Because of my co-operation with God in the things taught in the school, I have been able to progress in my calling. I now work as a consultant in an ICT company. I give all glory to God.

Mrs Alice Waswa Nganga is a graduate of the Kingdom Academy class of 2006. She is in the Agribusiness Industry.
David Njoroge is a graduate of the Kingdom Academy class of 2006. He is a fivefold minister in training.
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