In the school every course was an adventure in itself. The classes were charged with the life of God and the teachings conducted were addressing real issues in my life. I recount once after graduation from campus, I needed to know the will of God for my life. Having learned on how to hear the voice of God, I liaised with my lecturer who told me to exercise what we were learning and then get back to him for proving.

This I did, and looking back I see God's hand. It seemed like a set up from God as at the time I joined my current work place, opportunities for growth and advancement presented themselves in an unusual way. The standards of the school were quite high. There was stretching especially the project assignments given. Incidentally, these were the most impacting for me, more so the practical ministry project to the different areas of calling. I had a general idea as to my calling in the nation of Religion and thus it became more reinforced during the project.


Mr. David Irungu Waggema is a graduate of the Kingdom Academy class of 2004. He is an IT manager.
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As I prepared to join the Kingdom Academy, I was not sure what to expect. I only knew one thing-I had a deep desire to know more of God and that was my motivation. Kingdom Academy was a life-changing experience. Having gone through the classes, the practical assignments and projects, I found that my ideologies, philosophies, and priorities were questioned and challenged. Kingdom Academy equipped me with a lot of information and was very readily applicable.

My business decisions are now based on the knowledge of God's will for me . It is no longer the lucrative nature of the deal that acts as a determining factor but God's will and timing.
To any one wishing to join the academy, I have the following to say - Kingdom Academy is in every way worth it, but there is a price to pay.


Mr. Patrick Maina is a graduate of the Kingdom Academy class of 2003. He is a Systems Analyst and an Enterprenuer.