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The Joshua Generation is a Christian Missionary organization and Christian Community, registered as a Christian religious trust, and headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. It also comprises a Church family registered as The Eagles Nest Church.

The Vision
Our vision is taken from the book of Joshua, in the Christian Bible. Our goal is to mature and equip the born again believers in Christ, empowering them to cross over their Jordan (any obstacle or hindrance, internally or externally that stands in their path), and enable them to see, enter into, possess, and maintain their Promised Land.

The Promised Land being the believer's God ordained purpose in life; every promise or prophecy of blessing and inheritance for the believer in Christ Jesus; and their walking in the fullness of their spiritual, mental, and natural potential. Thus bringing the believers into their full maturity and positioning as Priests, Sons, and Kings in God's Kingdom. And by this helping to establish the reality of God's will and Kingdom, both in the life of the believer, and on the earth.

This will also help to bring the Kingdom of God to those who have not yet made Jesus Lord and savior of their lives. We summarize this by saying “our vision is to make God's vision for you a reality”.

Intended Scope Of Influence
Our organization is commissioned to influence and reconcile to the Kingdom of God every area of human endeavor within the nation of Kenya, other parts of Africa, and the world as a whole. This we believe will be achieved through the raising of the saints into becoming effective Principalities and ministers through whom God will reconcile these regions and areas of life to Himself.


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The Joshua Generation Trust
Physical Address
Jabavu Road, Opposite Minnow Court
Nairobi Kenya

Postal Address
P.O. Box 14472 - 00100
Nairobi Kenya
Tel: +254 20-260 5300
       +254 717 298 631
E-mail: info@jgmail.org


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