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About Us>> This page outlines more about The Joshua Generation, Its vision, mission, mandate and introduces the concept of crossing over The Jordan and entering into your land of promise; your place of purpose, your inheritance in Christ and walking in the fullness of your God given potential.

Leadership >> This page gives you an overview of the leadership structure, The visionary, trustees, ministerial team, management team and the various departmental heads. For more information on the leaders, you can visit the individual profile pages.

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The vision of the Joshua Generation is patterned after the seven nations model, This involoves raising saints as ministers to their professional areas of calling, as artists, businesspeople, homemakers, educators, sports people, politicians and fivefold ministers. By so doing the ministry lays a pattern for the move of the saints for the body of Christ in Kenya and around the world.


Resources -> This page outlines the various resources ;publications, magazines, books and other resources available from The Joshua Generation

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Kingdom Academy -> The Kingdom Academy is the school of ministry of The Joshua Generation, in this microsite , you will find vital information concerning the school curriculum, syllabus and registration process.

Eagles’ Nest -> The church arm of The Joshua Generation incorporating a main service, children’s church, youth church / real jamaaz and kingdom cells, which are the home church forums.

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