ENC fellowship
Eagles' Nest Church

Every Sunday: Online Live Service

The Eagles Nest Church is the church arm of The Joshua Generation Trust. This is the local church that acts as a family church home for those who frequent The Joshua Generation Community. While it is home to some, our doors are open to attendees, guests and those looking for a local home church.

The Assembly of KingPriests
Assembly of KingPriests (AKP)

Every Last Saturday of the month

At AKP, we open our doors to all believers in the body of Christ, seeing it is an interdenominational meeting for believers. It is an open resource to born again believers that seeks to equip, mature and rightly position them as KingPriests to all of creation. Every believer is called to function both as a King and as a Priest, jointly not independently. (1 Peter 2:9, Revelation 1:6, Revelation 5:10)

The Real Jamaaz

Every Saturday of the month (Except the last Saturday)

The Real Jamaaz is the teens and youth fellowship of The Eagles Nest Church, the church arm of The Joshua Generation Trust. The teens and youth consist of those from 12 years to 19 years. The teens and youth represent a special demography in society as a people who are in transition discovering their identity, passions and purpose in life and aiming for solid foundations with which to live a life of significance. They are the future of any society.

The Children's Church

Every Sunday

The Vision of The Children’s Church is to reconcile the child into God’s original purpose, will, righteousness, and excellence for their lives. According to the vision taken from the book of Joshua in the Christian bible, this is achieved by perfecting the children into becoming mature, fully equipped and well positioned Christ – like, Priests, Sons (kingdom fathers), and Kings for God to their nations of calling. In this way, the children become ministers of God from a tender age who are able to reconcile the geography, communities, resources and civilizations of their respective nations of calling back to God.

Patriarch's Forum

As planned by the Genesis Outreach

This is a forum for men across all levels i.e single, married, widowers etc. Our vision for men is based on Genesis 1:26 – 28. Man was equipped with God’s image and likeness to enable him to exercise the five subsequent commands as part of his purpose.

At Patriarchs, we address pertinent issues to immunize, repair / heal and strengthen the man so he can be all he was made to be in this life and influence other men towards right living as men.

Maadili Forum

As planned by Genesis Outreach

Borrowed from the Swahili language, “maadili” means “virtue or virtuous”. We therefore address the virtuous woman who is so because of God’s plan and purpose for the woman.

This is evidenced by Proverbs 31, 1 Peter 3 and addresses the woman / lady from 18 years and above. The single woman, married woman, divorced, widowed, elderly are all counted as they all bring to the mix something unique to profit all. A woman that fears the Lord is to be praised. This is not automatic but is drawn out through training in relevant forums as per biblical instruction.

Kingdom Convergence Fellowship

Every Thursday

This is a weekly interdenominational fellowship hosted by The Joshua Generation Trust through the School of the Fivefold sub-outreach. The vision behind it is to raise Christian believers to become strong Christ-like Priest, Sons and Kings who will influence their professional areas of calling with God and His kingdom so His rule and reign can influence all creation.

The forum is open to all believers from the age of 18 and above from different churches ,ministries, careers/professions, races and gender. Meetings hold both physically (in person) and virtually (online platforms)for two hours every Thursday from 6 – 8pm. Forums are lively, engaging and filled with an awareness of spreading the move of God in word and power within a 7 nation/mountain context.

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